5 Ways We Can End Extreme Poverty by 2030

As we look towards the launch of the SDGs we’ve been impressed by the thoughtful conversations that nonprofits, aid groups, governments, individuals and corporations have shared. This week, we had the pleasure of joining the devex #SustainDev Twitter chat!

So how can we turn the Post2015 agenda from concept to reality? Here are the top five things we learned:

1. Governments cannot tackle SDGs by themselves. Civil engagement and volunteerism will be crucial for successful implementation.
2. No serious action can be taken against poverty in silos. Multi-sector partnerships are essential for creating integrated approaches that ensure that the most marginalized groups benefit.
3. To be held accountable for their commitments, governments need to track their metrics and map their aid budgets. Only through tracking progress and transparency, can we improve our strategies and overcome obstacles.
4. Feedback from the most vulnerable groups (children, women and people with disabilities), will be one of the most important ways that the global development community will be able to gauge if the SDGs are reaching the right targets.
5. Holistic approaches that focus on the links between the educational, economic and environmental dimensions of the goals will be the backbone of successful SDG implementation.

Thanks to fellow panelists USAID Global Health Fellows, Pfizer, united-nations Volunteers, UNIDO, United States Council for International Business and The Global Poverty Project for providing such great insight on SDG implementation.

Check out our Storify of the chat below to read all the engaging conversation!

#SustainDev Twitter Chat

What will it take to move the SDGs from concept to reality?

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