A Mother’s Day Note from Our Program Director


As a mother and a global development professional, I am especially excited for Mother’s Day. There is nothing that brings me more joy than watching my son grow up. Yet through my work with the most impoverished communities throughout the world, I am faced with the reality that many mothers lack access to opportunities to provide for their children. There is no difference between the mothers in Rwanda, Colombia or India and myself. We all want the same for our children. We want them to grow up healthy and happy and live fulfilling lives.

Albina, FXB’s Founder, is a mother just like yours. Albina overcame unfathomable loss and founded FXB to continue her son’s legacy of helping people. FXB provides access to nutrition, education, health, and housing to mothers and their children to meet their immediate needs while helping mothers build their income capacity, so that they can continue providing for their families for years to come.

Can you join Albina and help a mother in the poorest of the poor families provide for her children? Donate now!

Christine, a 38 years old mother of five in Rwaza, Rwanda, was widowed in 2013 and had no means of supporting her family. Her young children were suffering from malnutrition. With the integrated support from the FXBVillage Model, Christine and her children received access to a balanced diet, health insurance, counseling, and business training. With the startup capital from FXB, Christine invested in pig rearing, trading shoes and a restaurant.  Now her children attend school, and Christine is proud of them and their accomplishments. Christine is planning to make improvements to her house so that she can have a better home for her loved ones.

Donate today! Just a $10 donation will provide a mother with one month of FXBVillage support.

Albina started this cause but we need your help to continue it. Join the mother and help a mother from one of the poorest of poor families. There are many more mothers like Christine who need help.

Let’s spread the joy. Give mothers hope and give their children a future.


Karina Weinstein

FXB USA Program Director



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