A New Life in India

Ramzaan Khan was born in a small village in the East of India. About to face growing up in a poor and unstable family, Ramzaan left his home at the age of nine. He was a little boy–poor, cold and alone.

Ramzaan eventually started to beg for money and, in an attempt to forget his suffering, started doing drugs. It was not long before he fell into a downward spiral.

FXB India found Ramzaan in 2011. And through the program he received shelter, health care, counseling, educational and other support. With hard work and dedication, Ramzaan was finally able to open up to the people around him.

Ramzaan began to volunteer his services at the Day Care Center and plays an active role in fulfilling its mission. He teaches dance and arts and crafts, as well as assists with the children’s chores as well. He is considered an inspiration to his peers as well as a beacon of hope to other lost children.

“Being a drug addict can totally destroy a person’s life and future. All the children that I have met at the Jaipur station, whether or not they are orphans, should never have to experience what I experienced.

His early life of extreme suffering led him to form a group of rehabilitated boys to fight against drug abuse and related violence. Ramzaan’s cause helped him reach out to close to 500 children.

“FXB helped me find the way out of my nightmare. The organization helped me truly change my life. I can finally now pursue my dream and become an artist, while helping other children and youth,” he said.
Today, Ramzaan has plenty to be proud of. He is a substance abuse survivor, beloved mentor and is a nominee for the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize.




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