Breaking Barriers in India

Ningthoujam Sumati was only 17 when she ignored the pleas of her parents and friends and married her husband, a known drug user. She thought that he would eventually quit drugs after they were married.

Two children later, he was still using and Ningthoujam had to take out a loan and start a small business to pay for their household expenses. But Ningthoujam’s husband started stealing their goods and that was the last straw.

Ningthoujam took her children and moved back in with her parents.

Misfortune did not leave the family alone and Ningthoujam was diagnosed with HIV in 2006. Despite trying to revive her small business, the stigma and discrimination of having HIV forced her to close down.

Soon after, her eldest son was also diagnosed with the disease. Ningthoujam was distraught. She blamed her husband, she blamed God, but most of all, she blamed herself.

Ningthoujam was enrolled in the FXBVillage III in 2015. And with the help of the program, she was able to find her footing again. She was trained in the advance method of weaving, product designing, book keeping and accounting through the FXBIS’s training program.

Ningthoujam now earns a steady income and can afford food, medical care and her children’s education. She thanks the FXBVillage program for these things, but most of all, she is grateful for the new lease on life that the program has given her.



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