Developing Youth Potential in South Africa


In South Africa, FXB is focusing on education and life skills development for youth.

In this effort, FXB opened the first After School – Life Skills program in Alexandra Township in June 2000 to support young people, aged 12-18, who have lost their parents to AIDS.

In 2006, FXB added a new activity under the outreach programs: the Youth Club program. The Youth Club is comprised of young people who have participated in the After School – Life Skills program for at least three years. The program’s primary objective is to eventually train the young people to operate the program, including successfully managing all of its activities and administrative aspects.

In 2013, FXB opened a first Vocational Training program in the Soweto and Alexandra townships in Johannesburg for 120 young people over three years.

The program is designed to help young people gain the opportunities for a successful future and to enable a life above the poverty line.

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