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In 1995, FXB Colombia began in Barranquilla as a pioneer organization which helped families and children living in extreme poverty who were affected by HIV. Since 1995, FXB Colombia has provided HIV/AIDS awareness trainings to about 165,000 people from all walks of life – from at-risk street youth to community leaders to members of the medical field. Up until 2011, FXB operated the FXB House, a primary care center that housed and treated families and children who were living with HIV/AIDS. In 2011, FXB transitioned from the FXB House model to the FXBVillage Model with an additional HIV prevention component.

The rates of extreme poverty in Colombia provide a sense of urgency for the FXBVillage Model. In 2015, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) reported that 27.8% of the population in Colombia was living below the poverty line, of which 7.9% in “extreme poverty”. In Barranquilla, the fourth largest city in Colombia, 40.6% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

In 2013, FXB Colombia completed one FXBVillage in Barranquilla. Currently, FXB Colombia is operating two FXBVillages: one in Barranquilla and one in a community located near the outskirts of Bogota.

Since February 2017, FXB is implementing a program for at-risk youth that takes place in Villas San Pablo, an impoverished community in Barranquilla, and works with 150 young people ages 12 to 22. The objective of the program is to foster youth development through strengthening sense of belonging and catalyzing community leadership. It seeks to generate and strengthen youth competencies for successful individual and collective life through youth networks, promotion of active and responsible citizenship, and creating community spaces for cultural expression, coexistence and healthy community integration through cultural and athletic recreational activities.

FXB Colombia partners with Fundación Paraguaya to implement Poverty Stoplight tool. It has strategic alliances with the Social Prosperity Department of the Colombian Government and also partners with Sciences Po (France) and University of Manchester (United Kingdom) to conduct internship programs.

In 2015, FXB Colombia was selected as one of the top 100 NGOs in Colombia by “Semana” magazine.

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Listen to:

  • Ottilia Perez, an FXBVillage program participant from Malambo, Colombia
  • Eyleen de la Hoz, a young girl whose family benefited from the FXBVillage program in La Luz, Colombia
  • Maria Patricia Larrota, a nurse from FXB Colombia, who shares about the transformation of FXBVillage program participants


Our Partnerships:

•  Foundation Nutrinfantil (Fundación Nutrinfantil) is a key program and funding partner to implement an FXBVillage program in the Mosquera neighborhood, in the outskirts of Bogota, directly benefitting 100 families.

•  Foundation Procaps (Fundación Procaps) donates medicine and nutritional help for children participating in the FXBVillage program.

•  Colombian Institute for Family Wellbeing (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) supports children identified as at-risk in the FXBVillage program.

•  Institute for Professional Training (Instituto de Formación Profesional) provides special access to vocational training opportunities for households participating in the FXBVillage program.

•  Municipal Ministry of Health (El Ministerio de Salud Municipal) supports FXBVillage households to enroll in health insurance and access health services.

of families

reached economic independence and improved their living conditions
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were able to save income



in the number of children enrolled in school, technical training and university

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