Powering Through to Stability in Burundi


Show solidarity with Burundi! Over 2,500 people are left homeless after floods hit close to Burundi’s capital, on April 28, 2018. Many of the FXBVillage participants are left in the wake of devastating damages to their homes and farms. Support relief efforts for families devastated by the floods! https://bit.ly/2K5c7Hp

According to 2012 estimates by the World Bank, Burundi is the fifth poorest country in the world, with almost 70 percent of the population living below the poverty line. 52 percent of children younger than five are chronically malnourished.

FXB started working in Burundi in November 2006, supported by the generosity of diverse donors such as King Baudouin FoundationSwim for Life, and Arcanum Foundation. Since then, FXB has completed 6 FXBVillages, bringing almost 3,500 adults and children out of extreme poverty. Currently, two FXBVillage programs are running in Buterere.

In 2015, despite political instability, FXB Burundi staff and participants demonstrated resilience and commitment to FXB’s mission. Our FXBVillage teams resumed activities after the attempted coup d’état with additional safety precautions including the creation of a communication vehicle between NGO Network members for sharing daily information, the creation of a flag with the FXB logo for vehicles, and the utilization of mandatory service badges for each staff member.

Mrs. Philomène, a participant in FXBVillage Buterere, said that she has never missed work despite the crisis. “When I am able to leave my neighborhood and I arrive here at the machine, I work well; in addition, there are many people who come to stock up on rice.”

Learn more about how FXB improves lives of participants, read Cesarie’s story.

Also, watch our documentary, Generation Rescue, which tells the story of four determined women in Burundi who are empowered by the FXBVillage Model and lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

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