Propelling Progress in Uganda


Since 1990, FXB has opened FXBVillages in Uganda which have directly supported more than 17,000 children and adults.

More than 50,000 people have benefited from FXB’s presence in their community through interventions in education, HIV prevention and awareness, health, and access to water.

FXB currently operates two FXBVillages in Iganga and Naluko. FXB also runs an economic-strengthening project for orphans and vulnerable children caregivers called SCORE, which services 461 families in Ssisa Parish, Wakiso District, and Kawempe Division, Kampala District, Private Health Project, Pure Water and Sanitation, and a mental health project in collaboration with StrongMind.

SCORE Project

Supported by funding from USAID, and managed by AVSI Uganda, SCORE supports the economic strengthening of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) by teaching skills in community development, entrepreneurship, child protection, and nutrition. Last year SCORE project supported 500 households, and in 2016 we are supporting 504 households.

Uganda Private Health Projects

It is funded by USAID and employs similar strategies as SCORE concerning economic empowerment. Last year we supported 135 households comprising 843 children. In 2016, this program will support 1,350 OVC.

Pure Water and Sanitation

To complement the existing FXBVillage Model’s activities of increasing access to increased sanitation and potable water, FXB Uganda received supplementary funding from Proctor and Gamble to provide over 1 million liters of water to OVC families, schools, and health centers.

Mental Health Project : StrongMinds

This project treats depression in adolescents and women. It is implemented in partnership with Strong Minds. In 2015 1,293 women received treatment.

People Benefiting Directly

People Benefiting Indirectly

How we helped

  • Economic Activities
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Health and Medical Support

Where we are working

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