Conquering Fears in India

Ms. Ibemnungshi is a 48 year old widow from Imphal West who did not know that her husband was an Injecting Drug User (IDU) until after they were married. The fear that her husband might be infected with HIV was always at the back of her mind, but she did not have the courage to ask him to get tested.

Her family had tried to convince her multiple times to leave her husband as he was still injecting drugs. But even after being separated for a year, she still went back to him.

Not long after the birth of her son, Ms. Ibemnungshi’s suspicions were right and her husband was diagnosed with HIV. She eventually found out that she and her son were also infected with the disease.

When her husband’s condition started to worsen, the family didn’t have enough money to get him proper medical care. Ms. Ibemnmungshi’s husband died in 2006.

Because of financial constraints, there were many instances the family had to either cook little or go hungry which took a toll on Ms Ibemnungshi’s health. She looked much older than her age and was often ill.

The FXBVillage program supported the family with basic medical care, nutrition, education, psychosocial support and a small capital to start a business.

Even after being enrolled in the program Ms. Ibemnungshi still faced hardship. Her son, Sunil, attended school reluctantly and began to resent his mother for being HIV-positive.

But with hard work and proper communication, she was able to rebuild her relationship with her son and the family is as happy as ever. Ms. Ibemnungshi and her son regularly take their medication and her children help out in their small business as much as they can.




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