Finding the Courage in Myanmar

This is Khin. She is 17 years old and has five siblings. When their father passed away, Khin’s older brother was forced to stop going to school. Khin felt that an education was not an option for her, as she felt that her destiny was to keep silent and do housework like her mother.

The arrival of the FXB training program in Khin’s village was a revelation for her. She was given access to a real education and real employment without straining the family resources.

Through FXB, Khin found a passion for sewing and became a seamstress. The program also taught her about proper health and nutrition.

The once shy girl was taught to speak her mind and push herself to do better. “With FXB, I discovered a job that I love, but I also found my self-esteem,” Khin said.

Khin now dreams of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer.




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