FXB Colombia: Flor Maria

Flor Maria de Alba Anaya is a 46 year old mother of three children who lives in La Luz neghborhood in the city of Barranquilla. She was selected to participate in the FXBVillage program in 2014.

“When FXB program visited my house to interview me for the FXBVillage program, I was going through a very difficult separation from the father of my children, who abruptly left us, leaving me to cover all of the household expenses on my own.

At this time, I felt abandoned and hopeless, with low self-esteem, overwhelmed by doubts and fears. Today, I am a shoe maker with a successful business. I design and make shoes that are selling incredibly well!

FXB provided me with the support I needed to move forward and succeed. I learned many things at FXB that have been very useful to me. I learned about the importance of hygiene in my house, which was difficult for me, to learn how to organize my house and let go of things I did not need. FXB staff explained to me the importance of hygiene and clean water for our health and well-being. Most importantly, my children and I received psychosocial support to be able to manage the painful process of separation from my partner.

With the help of FXBVillage program, I discovered my talents and skills, that I did not think I possessed. Through their support, I learned that I was capable of being on my own. I received start-up capital and encouragement to open a business selling homemade traditional snacks, handicrafts, jewelry, shoes, and sunglasses. The enthusiastic staff, especially Diany, encouraged me to enroll in entrepreneurship training in order to learn how to price my products and access new clients.

With the start-up capital FXB provided, I realized my dream of opening a shoe store where I am able to sell shoes that I design and make myself. In order to attract more customers, I also sell handmade jewelry and accessories. With the earnings from my business, I started saving which I use to invest in my business and cover any unexpected expenses that arise.

The most valuable part of my business is how it brings my family together. My daughter helps me design shoes which brings us closer together. My other children assist with sales and marketing. Now for the first time after my separation, my family is united and working together to improve our lives. I could not ask for more.

Thanks to FXB, my life was transformed. I am now a more confident, empowered, and knowledgeable woman who knows her own rights.

Today I can say with a large smile that I am a happy woman.”

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