FXB Attends the UNAIDS/UNICEF “Towards Ending Pediatric AIDS” Meeting


FXB was incredibly honored to attend the “Towards ending pediatric AIDS: A high-level meeting of global principals” on June 6th, 2016. The meeting was convened by UNAIDS, UNICEF, ELMA Philanthropies, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This meeting is a direct outcome of the global ministerial meeting held in May in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, where African ministers endorsed efforts to improve the coordination, alignment and harmonization of all partners involved in various aspects of pediatric HIV treatment.

At this meeting, there were many health ministers of African countries, civil society organizations and donors present. Everyone had a shared goal to eradicate pediatric AIDS and a shared commitment to engage community-based organization to ensure that children and adolescents have access to treatment. Some of the issues discussed included access to antiretroviral medicine for children and youth, unique treatment needs of adolescents, supply chain systems, and empowering youth living with HIV/AIDS to influence the programs designed for them.

Mr. McPartland, CEO of ELMA Philanthropies, emphasized the importance of prevention through integrated community development programs. He announced that ELMA Philanthropies has made a significant commitment to fund integrated community development programs in order to ensure prevention of HIV/AIDS in children and adolescents. FXB is very proud to implement FXBVillage Model, an integrated community development program that not only helps children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS but also contributes to prevention of the epidemic through education.

The FXB Model originally exclusively supported children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, but the model has later expanded to include all populations living in extreme poverty. In the 1990s, FXB opened house for HIV positive or AIDS infected orphaned children in Thailand, Uruguay, Colombia, Kenya, and Brazil. In 2001, FXB’s Founder Albina du Boisrouvray presented UN Secretary General Kofi Annan with two million signatures in support of recognition of World AIDS Orphans Day, an international movement started by Albina to bring attention to the millions of children affected by AIDS. Since 1991, FXB has lifted 84,000 children and adults out of extreme poverty through 168 FXBVillages worldwide.

The FXBVillage Model is a proven and effective way to address entrenched poverty in so many rural and AIDS-affected communities. UNAIDS cited the FXBVillage Model as a case study in effectively meeting the needs of children affected by AIDS in its 2002 annual report on the epidemic. In April 2008, the FXBVillage Model was recognized in UNICEF’s Children and AIDS Second Stocktaking Report as a strong example of a community-based program for vulnerable families.




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