FXB Colombia: Mailen

Meet Mailen!


Mailen is 24 years old and HIV positive. When she was 11, she fell ill and her mother took her to the public hospital. She was diagnosed with HIV, a death sentence and a source of stigma in those days. Medication was out of reach for people living in extreme poverty like Mailen’s family. She says her life change when she enter the FXB House. The doctors and staff that took care of her provided her not only with the medical care but all the support that comes with being HIV. She has the fondest memories of living in a joyful environment with many children like her.

Today, Mailen is a working mother of two. She is able to support herself and her children. “Thanks to the medical treatment I received during my pregnancy both of my children were born negative. Once again, FXB has provided me with all the support I need to strive and thrive. They are there for me, not to give me handouts and charity but to walk next to me and guide me in my own personal growth.” Mailen says that knowing they are there, a phone call away gives her the strength to keep going.

Mailen’s children with FXB Colombia’s social worker.

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