FXB Colombia: Yaneth

“I am Yaneth Padilla. I am from an indigenous community from San Andrés de Sotavento, Córdoba. So is my partner Ednison. Eight years ago, we were displaced by violence and had to leave everything behind. I have two children: Yeison and Cindy. The four of us arrived in Barranquilla with nothing and lived by squatting at La Benedicion de Dios, an area with no sewage, no paved roads and no law.

Four years ago, my neighbor invited me to a meeting to hear about the FXBVillage program. She was a participant and I could see how her life had improved. We were selected and this was a life-changing experience that transformed my family’s life. Before we participated in the program, our only income came from my partner who sold fast food from a truck that he rented at a high cost. No matter how hard he worked, the high interest rates that we had to pay daily ate all our profits. I was a housewife. We lived in precarious conditions, unable to cover our basic needs. I had little hope for improving our lives.

Thanks to the FXB team and its program, we have been able to turn a new page! We were able to learn how to run our business and escape extreme poverty and improve our lives. The FXBVillage program taught us how to generate income in a sustainable way. We are now able to even save. Before, we had a high interest credit from loan sharks which depleted our finances. We were unable to save. Through the FXB business workshops and the financial support we received, and, most important our own effort in the FXB program, we were able to get ahead.

I am proud to share that today we own our own fast food shop, with three employees under our charge. This business has allowed us to save and invest in improving our house. My partner and I did not know what to do when we realized our son had learning difficulties. The FXB team supported us in the process of diagnosing my son’s learning disabilities and directing us to access the necessary services. I am happy and hopeful!”

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