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Countess du Boisrouvray: We Can Rely on Women to Change the World  12/09/2014


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End poverty? Sometimes It Really May Take A Village  12/11/2014


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This Countess Who Says Peace Negotiations Need More Women Knows What’s Up  11/17/2015

The SDGs Are Our Opportunity to Tip the Scale on Poverty  07/15/2015

International Women’s Day – Investing in Women for Global Peace and Security  05/13/2015

Breaking Convention to Fight Extreme Poverty: Why I’m Releasing the FXBVillage Methodology  05/04/2015


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Video – Countess Albina du Boisrouvray LIVE – French Countess on Global Poverty, Social Justice  11/13/2015

Video – Philanthropic Countess Perfectly Explains Why Women Matter In Peace Talks  11/13/2015

Video – Philanthropic Countess On Why Charities Need More Than Money For Change  11/13/2015


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Video – One Woman’s Vision to Eradicate Poverty a Family at a Time  05/21/2015


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FXB Founder Bucks the Microcredit Trend  12/04/2015

With Sights Set Firmly on SDGs, Let’s Push for Wider Adoption of Best Practices  07/07/2015


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Video – Episode 63: Albina du Boisrouvray  05/04/2015


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The Power of One: How the Loss of My Son Inspired Me to Change the World  12/08/2015


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I Had One Foot in the Silk and One Foot in the Mud  06/01/2015

Nonprofit Releases Poverty-Fighting Tool Kit  05/06/2015


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At a Mass Pilgrimage in India, A New Effort to Track Disease in Real Time  08/18/2015

Q & A: How to End Extreme Poverty  05/07/2015


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In Global Fight Against Extreme Poverty, A Potential Game-Changer  05/15/2015

The FXB Toolkit: Latest Weapon in Fighting Poverty  05/05/2015