FXB International CEO Sean Mayberry’s Statement on World AIDS Day

Press Contact: Liz Osborn
(212) 697-3566

New York, NY – Sean Mayberry, CEO of FXB International, released the following statement today regarding World AIDS Day:

“As we observe World AIDS Day today, we unite to support those living with HIV/AIDS, honor those who have died, celebrate the successes in the ongoing fight against the disease and recognize the challenges that remain. It is important to remember that, while the struggle to combat HIV/AIDS is showing progress in many parts of the world, the people who FXB serves, the poorest of the poor, remain greatly in need of help to combat HIV/AIDS. From destigmatizing the communities to helping ensure ARV’s are available, FXB continues to work hard every day to support participants in our FXB-Villages and the surrounding communities.”

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