FXB International joins The Lancet in calling for climate action to support children’s health

FXB International applauds The Lancet for sounding the alarm of climate change’s impact on children’s health—threatening to undo important gains in the well-being of young people in recent decades. The organization adds an urgent call to action to mitigate climate change so that children have the opportunity for healthy, prosperous futures.

For 30 years, FXB International has implemented development programs at the intersection of health and human rights to advance the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In today’s world, climate change presents one of the greatest threats to realizing the values of the Convention as children will bear the burden of unprecedented health concerns, preventing them from reaching their full potential.FXB was founded to fight for children’s rights and ensure that children in the most forgotten places could lead productive lives, full of possibilities. FXB has impacted the the lives of millions of children and families—but these successes are in peril in the face of climate change.

The Lancet report indicates the breadth of threats to children emerging from rising temperatures, increased air pollution, and other climate change impacts. This includes disruptions to the food supply and more favorable conditions for disease, which will affect children in multiple ways from disease to malnutrition. Notably, the impact on children in the poorest regions will be the most profound.

This is why FXB International has positioned climate action at the center of its development programs, including embedding mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency strategies into its proven FXBVillage Model. The organization has also developed FXB Climate Advocates, a new program to equip youth climate activists with tools and opportunities to drive the climate agenda, including building links for North-South collaboration and awareness of climate challenges facing developing countries.

Chair of the Board of FXB USA, the American-based affiliate of FXB International, Bilge Bassani, noted,

“The Lancet has given us vital information—and it now falls to all of us to translate that information into action, not just for us but to save our children. To our partners, friends, and like-minded peers around the world, I ask: Will you join us?”

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