FXB Is Co-sponsoring the “Putting People First” Event

FXB is thrilled to co-sponsor “Putting People First: Community-led Development” panel, hosted by The Movement for Community-led Development, during the week of the United Nations General Assembly. The panel discussion will focus on how community-led development is being expanded and championed worldwide as the most sustainable way to accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

FXB strongly believes in community ownership of development and is proud to be a member of the Movement for Community-Led Development, along with numerous international development organizations who share our values of putting people first.

How is FXB aligned with the values of the Movement for Community-Led Development?

  1. Community-Based Development: Each staff member who works in FXB’s country offices is locally recruited. They work with community leaders, stakeholders, and relevant associations to tailor the FXBVillage program to local needs while maintaining its core elements.
  2. Human Rights: The FXBVillage Model is based on the Public Health Paradigm taught by the late Dr. Jonathan Mann of Harvard University, which emphasizes the inextricable link between health and human rights and need for holistic approaches to break the cycle of poverty. Mann’s paradigm proved that in public health there can be no sustainable impact unless the social and cultural factors that heighten disease risk and prevent people from having basic rights are addressed simultaneously.
  3. Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: FXB activities contributed to the Millennium Development Goals and now are contributing to many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The global objective of the FXBVillage program is to lift families out of poverty but we recognize that poverty is not just about money and therefore implement programs that tackle many interconnected drivers of poverty. Therefore, the FXBVillage program provides integrated support in nutrition, health, education, and housing to meet participants’ immediate needs while building their income capacity to become economically self-sufficient. Through this work, FXB is contributing to the achievement of SDG1 (no poverty,) SDG2 (zero hunger,) SDG6 (clean water and sanitation,) SDG8 (decent work and economic growth,) SDG12 (responsible consumption and production,) SDG13 (climate action,) and SDG16 (peace and justice, strong institutions.)
  4. Gender Equality: FXB focuses on women’s empowerment not only as a human right, but because empowerment is a pathway to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and poverty eradication.
  5. Sharing Best Practices: With an 86% success rate, FXB’s founder Albina du Boisrouvray decided that the FXBVillage methodology must be shared with the world for maximum impact on an open-source basis. Through the FXBVillage Toolkit and Planning Guide, we are sharing what has worked for us and communities around the world for 26 years, so we can be on a better track to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and even exceeding them!




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