FXB USA Launches Global Partners Program

FXB, the international non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and families hit hardest by poverty and AIDS, announced today that it has launched the FXB Global Partners program to enable corporations and groups to support their own FXB-Villages through grassroots fundraising.

“FXB-Villages is an integrated community development program that addresses the many components of a vulnerable child’s well-being including health, nutrition, education, and children’s rights. During this time, families also receive grants to begin a microenterprise, which will continue to grow throughout the program and enable them to escape poverty permanently,” said Anna Byfield, Manager, FXB USA.

“Each Village is a network of 80 to 100 families within a broader community, and in three years the program brings these families to economic autonomy. In fact, 86% of households continue to live above the poverty line and remain self-sufficient, even years after graduating from the program.”

“We are seeking corporations, groups, individuals and organizations as Global Partners who will make a three-year commitment to raise approximately $225,000 to adopt and fund Village programs in Asia, Africa and South America,” she added.

The Global Partners program encourages grassroots fundraising from within the Partner’s existing network of employees, clients, vendors, friends and families. FXB provides expertise and personalized support for its partners including background information on the chosen country and specific needs of the children in the Village, Partners also receive a personalized “toolkit” or resource package with sample presentations, visual materials, talking points, fundraising tips, and event ideas.

The FXB-Villages are founded on the belief that the best way to help orphans and vulnerable children is to empower their caregivers and communities to permanently escape poverty. With the right tools and resources, caregivers are better able to meet children’s needs and provide long-term stability. FXB has launched more than 50 such Villages across the world over the past 20 years, and is ready to start Global Partner Villages in: India, China, Colombia, Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

About FXB International
FXB is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the children and families hardest hit by poverty and AIDS. Since 1989, FXB has worked alongside the communities it serves to improve local health, education and economic stability. FXB is committed to ensuring that all progress is sustainable and lasting.

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