FXBVillage Model

A New Approach to Eradicating Extreme Poverty

The FXBVillage Model is a time-bound, sustainable and holistic approach that provides access to capital and knowledge necessary to secure livelihoods for poor families. The FXBVillage Model offers in-kind startup capital and training for participants to launch small businesses, including three years of support focused on the five drivers of poverty eradication: nutrition, education, health, housing, and income. As participating families’ abilities to meet basic needs increases, FXB gradually lessens financial support so families can become self-sufficient (referred to as the “graduation approach”).

FXBVillage in Colombia

Through the delivery of essential health, education, nutrition and housing services, FXBVillages increase 80-100 poor families’ capacities to obtain their full potential. With additional business coaching and training, participants also increase their likelihood of securing a sustainable livelihood. As FXB’s investment scales down each subsequent year, and is finally removed after the third year, sustainable income earned from income generating activities provides the children of these families with the tools they need to thrive.

The Path to Self Sufficiency - The Pyramid

By providing start-up capital instead of loans, FXB allows families to secure a portfolio of income generating activities before accessing microcredit, which increases their potential to earn a sustainable income.

What makes the FXBVillage Model distinctive?

The FXBVillage Model intentionally works with the poorest of the poor families that are hardest to reach for development agencies and perceived as too costly to work with. FXBVillage Model marks a paradigm shift in aid distribution and program delivery for the poorest of the poor.

The FXBVillage Model is based on the Public Health Paradigm taught by the late Dr. Jonathan Mann of Harvard University, which emphasizes the inextricable link between health and human rights and the need for holistic approaches to break the cycle of poverty. By providing business training and startup capital, Albina du Boisrouvray, FXB Founder and President Emeritus, translated Mann’s Public Health Paradigm into a proven development model which enabled poor families to have the skills and tools needed to generate income for the long-term sustainability.

Unlike a charity approach that requires sustained outside investment, the FXBVillage Model has a three-year life span which focuses on building the social and entrepreneurial capacities of impoverished families and communities. It provides integrated support in healthcare, education, nutrition, and housing to meet the immediate needs of 100 families while building their income capacity to become economically self-sufficient.

FXB is community-based. FXB’s country offices staff is always locally recruited. Staff members work with community leaders, stakeholders, and relevant associations to tailor the program to local needs while maintaining the building blocks of the FXBVillage Model.


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