Giving Thanks this #GivingTuesday

In her own words, Yamile, an FXBVillage participant, describes how she lifted her family from extreme poverty through the help of the FXBVillage program in Colombia.


I am a mother and the head of my family. I arrived in Malambo, Colombia in 2008, with my husband and my children. We were displaced by violence from the region of Guajira.

An armed group arrived to Guajira and they told my husband that if we didn’t leave, they would kill him. I was pregnant with my latest child. They threatened him and gave us three days to leave because they needed our house. We lost everything. My husband was feeling very depressed. In Guajira he had everything and now he had nothing.

We came to Malambo with nothing! My husband began to get very sick and finally died two years after we arrived.  When he died I had to find money to feed my children, so I begin to sell “bollos” (typical meal) in the streets until 8pm. I would earn $6 when it was a good day. I barely had enough money to feed my family of five children and I didn’t have money to send them to school.

Now, I am 44 years old. My children range from the ages of 12-24. Thanks to the FXBVillage program, my children were able to study and now have all graduated. The first one had some difficulties, with so many years to catch up on.

The FXBVillage program really changed my life. What I like most was all the good advice that Patricia and Ana Margarita (FXB employees) gave to me. They taught me, for example, how to organize my house, how to have good hygiene and to clean everything with order. The psychologist taught me how to not think of all my problems and feel depressed. Now I know how to face all the problems in my life.


My house before FXB came was in poor condition. I have now have a floor and a real bathroom. I developed more communication with my children by working together for the same goal. Now we have three meals a day, before we only had one.

My business has grown a lot. I really feel grateful to God and to FXB for giving me the chance to invest in a new business, selling cheese and plastic objects (furniture, utensils, etc.).

FXB is a real part of my family. They accompany us in every step.  I really hope that FXB can help many other families. I always try to broadcast all that I have learned from the FXBVillage program.

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