“Health Is Not Alone” – Albina du Boisrouvray

FXB Founder, Albina du Boisrouvray, wrote a moving essay in the book “To Save Humanity: What Matters Most for a Health Future” co-authored by Julio Frenk and Steven Hoffman.

The title of her essay is “Health Is Not Alone” and here are the most powerful quotes:

Poverty is not a simple lack of money; it is a debilitating state of deprivation

The world pays insufficient attention to the biggest underlying cause of poor health: poverty.”

To Save Humanity is a collection of short, honest essays on what single issue matters most for the future of global health. Authored by the world’s leading voices from science, politics, and social advocacy, this collection is both a primer on the major issues of our time and a potential blueprint for post-2015 health and development. This unparalleled collection will provide illuminating and thought-provoking reading for anyone invested in our collective future and well-being.

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