Monday Program – Week in Review #5

Despite the high volume of warnings from scientists as well as those who’ve dedicated their lives to researching the earth’s changing climate and overall health, a disappointingly low amount of action is being taken to adjust the way people treat the earth’s land. Professionals studying the current situation have said that people’s activities have negatively affected the size of forests, ruined habitats for animals, as well as damaged what used to be high quality soil. Scientists state that if we continue to treat the earth’s land in this manner, we will start to see even more drastic changes to the increasingly warming climate. Professor Jane Rickson from Cranfield University in the UK explained that “Increased temperatures and heavier rainfall will aggravate soil erosion, compaction, loss of organic matter, loss of biodiversity, and landslides… many of which are irreversible.” Nature’s vegetation plays a huge role in keeping the earth cool as plants absorb vast amounts of the warm gas C02 floating in the air, and transferring it into the soil. Furthermore, those researching the subject state that there is “a battle for land between multiple competing demands: biofuels, plant material for plastics and fibers, timber, wildlife, paper and pulp – and food for a growing population”, which is precisely why people must start to think about nurturing earth’s resources, as reckless usage of soil will have devastating affects on the earth’s climate. The demand for red meat in many places in the world have lead to “huge stress on the land to produce animal feed, as well as contributing to half of the world’s emissions of methane – another greenhouse gas” state scientists in the United Kingdom. This stress causes the soil to be much less healthy, leading to a decrease in quality of all things being planted or grown within that soil. 

While everyone agrees that the issues at hand will not be easy to overcome, researchers believe that steps can be taken to lessen the damage of the earth’s natural resources going forward. Forests are incredibly important as they provide most of the are we breath by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Therefore, scientists have agreed that all natural forests, especially those located in the tropics, must be protected at all costs. To reduce the stress and decreasing quality of the soil in pastures all over the world, people should be advised to reduce their consumption of red meat and start to add more vegetables into their diet. The last main action people should take revolves around doing what they can to help grow plants and trees around their local communities, as it will help counteract the hundreds of acres of forest land gets destroyed all around the world every day. Despite the consistently high demand for the natural resources found on earth, people must start taking to account that these natural resources are diminishing, as is their quality. Continued recklessness will have detrimental affects on the climate and health of the planet we live on. Will you do your part to help make a positive impact? 

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