Rebuilding Hope in Uganda

In the Mulago III parish of the Kalerwe zone, lives 41 year old Jamila Namakula. Born into a polygamous family with more than 30 siblings, Jamila had to give up her education and start working at the age of 14.

At 16, Jamila was married. But her husband was killed in a tragic accident not long after their six children were born. Unable to earn steady income, all of Jamila’s children had to drop out of school.

To make ends meet, Jamila started collecting banana, potato and cassava peelings to sell to the slaughterhouse. But the income was not enough, and the family was left to pick leftovers from markets and other people’s homes for food.

Because of the dire situation, the children started to get sick, with Jamila at a l0ss on how to pay for medical care.

In 2009, Jamila’s family was enrolled in the FXBVillage program where she received medical and nutritional support and capital to start a small cloth business. With the program’s guidance, Jamila was able to grow her business and open her very own bank account.

With the steady income from her business and FXB’s contributions, Jamila was able to send her children to school again. She was also able to enter into other small business ventures such as farming, poultry and transporting goods as her cloth business continued to grow.

The FXBVillage program has since ended for Jamila, but its lasting effect has helped her family maintain stable life above the poverty line. She is now working towards the construction of her own house.



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