Restoring Faith through Education in India

Hema Narayana was married to her husband at 13, forced by her mother to marry before she died. She repeatedly pleaded with her parents to allow her to finish school but was her requests fell on deaf ears.

She quickly gave birth to three kids in just five years while her husband took on a number of odd jobs. Hema was never unhappy with her husband, but was disappointed in his lack of drive and ambition.

Hema felt dejected that she did not finish her education, which prevented her from finding better employment and providing for her three children. She was willing to try manual labor, but she was too weak and her husband did not allow her to try.

Hema’s children were then forced to go to government school as they could not afford the higher quality education of a private school. But due to the low standards her children did not learn as much as she wanted them to.

Hema’s family was enrolled in the FXBVillage model in 2010. She was given the chance to put up a small business and earn sustainable income.

Her children were given the opportunity to attend an FXB-facilitated learning center that supplemented the lessons they learned in the government institution. Through FXB’s intervention, Hema was able to earn a steady income and can now afford to send her children to private school. Her eldest son has recently graduated.

As he saw what FXB was able to do for his wife, Hema’s husband now also has a renewed drive and supports Hema in all her endeavors.




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