Second Protravel Sponsored FXB-Village Launched in Rwanda

Today Protravel International and FXB International announced the launch of a second Protravel sponsored FXB-Village in Rwanda. Each FXB-Village provides a comprehensive package of assistance to 80 families that have been deeply affected by poverty and AIDS. Over three years, the FXB-Village funded by Protravel will provide participating families with the tools and training to escape poverty permanently, including healthcare, school support, HIV testing and treatment, improved sanitation, and capital to start small businesses.

This initiative marks the second collaboration between Protravel and FXB International. In 2008, FXB International’s programs attracted the attention of Protravel President Priscilla Alexander, who spearheaded a fundraising campaign within Protravel to honor her organization’s 25th anniversary. Alexander chose FXB because of its proven success – external evaluations have shown that over 85% of households are living above the poverty line at the end of the program and maintain self-sufficiency thereafter.

Protravel’s employees, vendors, and clients have participated in an array of creative fundraising activities, from hosting cocktail receptions to donating portions of their sales and paychecks to asking friends to donate to the FXB-Protravel campaign in place of sending wedding gifts or holiday presents. Thanks to these efforts, Protravel quickly raised the funds for its second FXB-Village, which launched this month in Cyeza, Rwanda. Along with both FXB-Villages, Protravel has also been able to sponsor other FXB projects dedicated to improving conditions in Rwanda.

In 2010, Alexander wrote about her positive experience collaborating with FXB International in an article for Enterprising Women. “I can think of no better way to celebrate the success of Protravel than to help empower the lives of these women and children in Rwanda and am excited to continue my relationship with FXB and families in Cyeza for years to come,” she said.

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