Seeing the Light in Rwanda

Agnes Mukandutiye is 50 years old. Before being enrolled in the FXBVillage program, Agnes, a single mother with four children, thought her life was one stroke of bad luck after another.

Agnes was diagnosed with HIV while she was pregnant in 2009. While her son was fortunate enough to pass the test to get into high school, the family had no means to fund his education. Shortly after, Agnes’ house was destroyed by a great storm.

Her health and demeanor gradually worsened after that. Her immunity levels did not increase, and Agnes fell into a great depression filled with anger and resentment, and began to take it out on her children.

In 2014, Agnes and her family were selected enrolled as participants of the FXBVillage program. “When FXB presented the goals of the program, I finally felt the sun beneath the shadows of the sorrows I had for the past five years,” she said.

The FXBVillage program helped Agnes start a small business raising pigs and growing vegetables. And through the help of FXB’s counselors, she was also able to confront her anger and apologize to her children.

Agnes’ son has now graduated high school and is working toward his degree at the University of Rwanda, while her daughter has started a small knitting business of her own. Through FXB and the FXBVillage program, Agnes was able to help not only herself, but also her family have and live a better life.

“I owe my life to FXB. I have no words to say thank you. Go as far as possible, continue your mission to save the world,” Agnes said.




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