Telling the Story of Bu Tuo, China

At FXB, we’re committed to empowering people and places that are often forgotten or overlooked. Bu Tuo is an underdeveloped county of Liangshan/Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the southern Sichuan Province of China and has a population of 140,000 people. The Yi community suffers from malnutrition, unfit hygiene conditions and struggle with a high level of inequality between men and women. Many families are also affected by drug use and HIV/AIDS. With one fifth of the population living in extreme poverty, FXB decided to focus its efforts on giving the community the tools they needed to create sustainable futures for themselves and future generations.

With the generous support of the Sinopec-Addax Petroleum Foundation, FXB started the FXBVillage Bu Tuo VII program in October 2012. After participating in FXBVillage Bu Tuo VII, Shama Ruoji, a single mother of three, received the support she needed to help bring her family out of poverty. Shama Ruoji was a widow suffering from AIDS when she first joined the FXBVillage program. During the first year, her family received nutrition and washing materials, resulting in a significant improvement in the health and hygiene of the household. In the meantime, she received antiretroviral medicine and other medical care. As her health improved, she began to work and earn an income in the second year of program, eventually making enough money to pay off her family’s debts. In the third year in the program, Shama Ruoji had earned enough to build a new house for her family. After three years, Shama Ruoji felt full of energy and hopeful as she looked towards her future as a provider for her family.

How We Reached Success

With 26 years of experience in poverty alleviation, FXB understands that poverty is caused by many interconnected factors and cannot be easily solved by tackling any single dimension. Following the FXBVillage Model, a sustainable and community-based solution to eliminate extreme poverty, the FXBVillage Bu Tuo VII focused on addressing the five drivers of poverty, including healthcare, housing, education, nutrition and business. The project focused on helping participants launch income-generating activities while providing psychosocial support, HIV/AIDS testing and general healthcare.


During three years, 100 extremely poor families, 416 people in total, benefited from FXB’s presence in the community.  In September 2015, the FXBVillage Bu Tuo VII graduated with remarkable achievements. All families have become self-efficient in daily life.

• 100% of the participant households have at least two income generating activities, which are crucial to their social and economic autonomy
• 97% of the households have savings.
• Households with debt decreased from 98% at the beginning of the program to only 1% after three years.

To learn more about the FXBVillage Model, the game-changing guideline behind FXB’s success in Bu Tuo, please download the FXBVillage Toolkit and Planning Guide developed by FXB with input from experts at Harvard University.

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