This Is How Obama’s Speech at the Global Development Summit Resonates with the FXB Values

On July 20, 2016, President Barack Obama addressed entrepreneurs, diplomats, civil society members, public and private sector financing partners, and development leaders at the White House Summit on Global Development, reflecting on shared progress made towards global development as well as mobilizing the global community for further action. The Summit’s goal is to review the progress that has been made in six areas: energy, food security, global health, governance, partnership and youth.

The President touched upon the importance of sustainable development and good governance—two elements that work hand-in-hand toward the eradication of global poverty and hunger.

“Let’s make hunger history,” President Obama said, who announced the signing of the Global Food Security Act.

President Obama also said, “the world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant than it is today.” The number of families and children whose lives are now better because of global development has never been higher. FXB has helped lift 83,500 adults and children out of extreme poverty through the FXBVillage Model.

When discussing the people that the different programs have helped, President Obama said, “they don’t want aid, they want trade.” They want capacity building. This resonates with FXB. FXB is about building the income and social capacities of extremely poor households to become self-sufficient and autonomous. FXB is not a charity. It is an investment to unleash human potential.

The President ended the speech telling the audience that the coming together of all the sectors show that the world is united under one human race and it has given him hope. He ends the speech by saying, “we’ve shown this can work, now just have to keep it up.” He urges organizations to continue the sense of unity that has been created toward helping millions of people. This is why FXB released an open-source FXBVillage Toolkit and Planning Guide so that anyone can gain the tools to eradicate poverty.

It is a part of FXB’s mission to break the cycle of poverty, and we are incredibly proud to be fighting for equitable and sustainable global development.




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