Uganda: FXB Gives Impulse for Success

Federesi, a 40 years old mother of 9 children, tells us about her life before and after she became a participant of the Community Development Program FXBVillage in Uganda. Today a role model for her peers, the strong mother only needed FXB’s impulse to succeed.

In her teenage years, Federesi’s parents chose her a husband who at first earned a good living, but soon started drinking heavily. As he felt Federesi was not “woman enough” for him, he decided to marry another woman and eventually kicked Federesi out of her house.

“That was my life… I lived with a polygamous, drunk and completely irresponsible husband” she remembers.

Her brother supported her family for a while, but succumbed to gunshot wounds from a robbery gone bad. This was the turning point in Federesi’s life. She had hungry children she needed to feed, no source of income and no land to even grow food.

“I had to become enterprising or else my children would starve and die” she explains.

After her enrollment into FXB’s Community Development Program, she started renting land and planted rice, bought and sold vegetables, started a chicken business and with the profits even set up a small shop selling household items. She saved heavily and bought a piece of land where she planted sugar cane. She then embarked on making building blocks herself from which she built the house she currently lives in with her children.

Today Federesi volunteers to help other FXB participants. The successful woman is now giving back to society: “I am grateful to FXB for re-awakening that hunger for success I carry” she explains. “It is now time for me to help others to eventually thrive.”




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