Monday Program – Week in Review #12

Today the UN is holding its Climate Action Summit at its headquarters in New York City. As time has gone on, increased attention has been given to the climate issues happening to our planet, and many believe that this summit will be a sizable step in the right direction. The press release for the Climate Action Summit stated: “As carbon pollution, temperatures, and climate destruction continue to rise, and public backlash mounts, the Summit has offered a turning point from inertia into momentum, action, and global impact – if everyone gets on board.” It seems that members of the U.N. have had enough with countries not giving more of their attention to climate-related issues, as the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told nations to “come with concrete plans” to achieve reduced carbon emissions as well as greenhouse gases. Sources have said that over 70 countries are planning to attend the summit, as well as 40 new countries, all of which may make notable pledges. A report recently published by the United Nations showed that the emissions issue is one that is continuing to grow, as countries involved in G-20 aren’t meeting their low targets, leading to them being responsible for 80% of emissions. The report goes on to state that “countries overall must triple their 2015 pledges to keep global warming well below 2°C by 2100, or increase them fivefold to hold it to 1.5°C, a threshold seen as critical to the survival of small, low-lying countries.” Unless the nations involved plan on taking the drastic measures needed to fix the climate crisis that the world’s nations have collectively caused, researchers predict that heatwaves, health impacts, droughts, and stronger hurricanes will become much more likely in the future. Last Friday a Youth Climate Strike took place to bring further attention to the climate crisis, with millions of children demanding action. Will the youth’s activism and the Climate Action Summit be enough to get the world’s nations on the path to a more eco-friendly world?

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