What’s the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) All About?

This week is one of the most significant in the history of the UN. World Leaders, including diplomats, presidents and the Pope, will descend upon New York City to set new agenda, and work towards a more peaceful world. With so many figures involved in an equally long list of causes, it can be hard to keep track of what exactly is being accomplished during UNGA.

At FXB, we’re committed to the successful implementation of the UN’s global goals and are here to help sort through the information overload. Since we believe that education about global development is a key part of development itself, we have compiled a list of articles that can help you understand the basics (and the not so basics) about this week.

The Guardian: “What is The UN General Assembly:” Before you can delve into what UNGA is looking to address, this article provides a great overview of UNGA and its history.

TIME Magazine: “What Today’s UN General Assembly Has In Common with the First One:” For those a little more familiar with the UN, but unaware of its more contemporary concerns, this article does a great job of putting some of the UN’s current goals into historic context. (As an added bonus, it contains a link to TIME’s coverage of the very first UNGA meeting in 1946).

The Guardian: “Sustainable Development Summit – The Pope, Shakira, and Everything Else You Need To Know”: The schedule of UNGA features a dizzying array of public figures and events. In fact, the sheer number of prominent figures in one place has New York planning the largest security operation in US history. Here, the Guardian provides an overview of the UNGA schedule for the week.

The Washington Post: “No Poverty, hunger, in 15 years? UN Sets Sweeping New Goals”: One of the main focuses of this week’s conference is the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, which are replacing the expiring Millennium Development Goals. This article is an overview of the goals and what they aim to accomplish.

UN:Open Working Group proposal for Sustainable Development Goals:” Now that you’ve had a good overview of what UNGA week entails, read up on the UN goals themselves and the proposal that will be voted on at the end of the sustainable development conference. What was your favorite read of the week? Comment below with your suggestions!

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