When Great Methodologies Come Together – FXB Colombia Partners with Fundación Paraguaya



FXB Colombia, one of the local chapters of the FXB family, and Fundación Paraguaya (FP), a self-sustainable, non-governmental organization in Paraguay, are thrilled to announce their partnership. For the first time in Colombia, the FXBVillage Model, a proven poverty alleviation methodology, will work hand in hand with Fundación Paraguaya’s Poverty Stoplight Methodology. Based on the partnership, FXB Colombia will use both the questionnaire from the FXBVillage Model and the Poverty Stoplight indicators to measure participants in new FXBVillages in Colombia at the beginning of the program.

Poverty Stoplight Logo

The alignment of the two organizations is a natural fit that is based on shared values and ideas. At FXB, we believe that poverty is a multidimensional issue that needs a multidimensional solution. In our FXBVillage Model, we deliver the five drivers of poverty eradication, which are Health, Housing, Education, Nutrition, and Income. We deliver all five drivers at the same time and in an integrated way, because each of these drivers relies on the others to break the cycle of poverty. Similar to the FXBVillage Model, the Poverty Stoplight Methodology also seeks to eliminate poverty through a multidimensional approach.

The Poverty Stoplight has a special visual survey platform accompanied with software developed by Hewlett Packard Limited (HP), which allows families to trace their own poverty map and develop and implement a clear plan to overcome it. The visual survey includes a series of photographs. Families can self-assess their level of poverty in 50 indicators grouped into 6 dimensions of poverty: Income & Employment, Health & Environment, Housing & Infrastructure, Education & Culture, Organization & Participation and Interiority & Motivation. Each indicator is defined as Green (not poverty), Yellow (poverty) or Red (extreme poverty).

Poverty Stoplight Indicator Sample

Family Income Level shown in the Poverty Stoplight

The visual interface design of the survey tears down the barrier of illiteracy and enables the participants to assess their level of poverty by themselves, which is very helpful for collecting first-hand information from the participants. In addition, the survey breaks down the concept of poverty, which often overwhelms people, into a series of smaller manageable poverty problems and puts the families as the “protagonists” of their poverty elimination strategy.

The most interesting characteristic of the Poverty Stoplight is its high adaptability to other contexts. The Poverty Stoplight uses different dimensions and indicators to access multidimensional poverty in a way that is both locally appropriate and individually relatable. With its outstanding flexibility, The Poverty Stoplight can easily be modified to suit local realities.

To adapt Poverty Stoplight indicators to our new FXBVillages in Colombia, FXB Colombia will first communicate with the program participants in the target community to learn more about their specific needs. Then, we will review Fundación Paraguaya’s list of indicators and compare them to the indicators in our FXBVillage Model. Based on the existing indicators, FXB Colombia will develop new definitions that are relevant, accessible, feasible, measurable, culturally appropriate, and cost-effective and apply them to the new FXBVillages.

We are excited to see the two proven methodologies being applied in collaboration to new FXBVillages in Colombia in the nearest future. To follow up the news about the partnership between FXB Colombia and Fundación Paraguaya, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!



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