Who is FXB USA?

FXB Colombia Image Platter

FXB USA supports FXB’s mission in various ways.

We raise awareness about the importance of integrated community-led development solutions to eradicate poverty and reach the Sustainable Development Goals. We do this through representing FXB in coalitions of International Non-Governmental Organizations and engaging in global development dialogue.


InterAction, Locus, Movement for Community-Led Development, INGO Impact Investing Working Group

FXB USA also strives to identify program innovations, connect to program partners, and provide technical assistance on program design, monitoring and evaluation, and communication. One such partnership is with the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, the only university-wide human rights center promoting the advancement of cross-disciplinary research and policy.

FXB USA raises funds to make strategic investments into FXB programs around the world. We aim to engage governments, foundations, and corporations in making a difference for the most vulnerable communities.